Many gifted students happen to also be individuals with a disability of some type. Providing accommodations is the mechanism by which the university seeks to create an equitable environment so that every student has the opportunity to learn regardless of their circumstances. Disabilities can be either physical or related to mental health and as each student is unique so too is any accommodation they receive as even those with the same condition may experience it in different ways. It is important for anyone who has a documented disability, or who thinks they may have an undiagnosed one, to reach out to the Student Care Coordinator for more guidance.

Student Accommodation Services (SAS) is charged with and committed to providing resources for students with disabilities. The SASO’s goal is to provide and coordinate accommodations that enable students with disabilities to have equal access to all Duke Kunshan University educational programs and activities. Services and accommodations are provided to students with a variety of disabilities including, but not limited to, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorders, learning disabilities, psychological disorders, mobility, and chronic health as well as other medical conditions.

Please email the Student Care Coordinator Yangyijia Gui at yangyijia.gui@dukekunshan.edu.cn to learn more about your options. Accommodations provided must be at the recommendation of an appropriate health care professional so be sure to contact your provider for any required documentation.