Welcome to Duke Kunshan University from Undergraduate Advising! Below you may find useful information to get ready for your academic journey at Duke Kunshan University.  

You can find information on degree requirements in Section 3 of the Undergraduate Bulletin. Here Whenever reviewing the Bulletin it is important to always look at the edition marked with your entering year, if it is available.

Students will explore the Liberal Arts curriculum by taking courses across the academic divisions of Natural and Applied Sciences, Social Sciences, and Arts & Humanities. For most students this will include a Common Core course titled China in the World, several Distribution Requirement courses, language courses in Chinese, English, or a third language depending on proficiency, and courses related to majors they are considering. Students should consult their advisors in selecting courses during New Student Orientation.


Note: In review of the Undergraduate Bulletin, students should consider both their academic and career path as they make decisions related to course selection in consultation with advisors to ensure you stay on track to degree completion and graduation.

Outside of 14-weeks language courses, you will have two intensive 7-week sessions each semester. These will typically be comprised of two 4-hour courses each term, but that can be different depending on which term a student is in and which requirements they have left to fulfill. Classes are held Monday through Thursday during the week. 

There will be group and one-on-one advising and registration sessions during orientation. You will enroll yourself in DKU Hub in the early half of the second week of orientation. 

Each student will be assigned their academic advisor in August prior to New Student Orientation. Several factors (e.g., advisor load, interest, region) will be considered when assigning a student to an advisor but these factors will not be known to the staff making assignments unless the student fills out their academic interest survey before orientation. Incoming students should be sure to watch their email as this email will be sent out from this office sometime in August, once all Chinese and International students have been confirmed.  In the interim, students can contact with the Office of Undergraduate Advising at advising@dukekunshan.edu.cn for further questions related to majors and course offerings.