The Peer Tutor Program is a critical component in the Academic Resource Center. Peer Tutors are undergraduate students who have excelled in the course(s) they tutor and have a solid understanding of course materials, excellent study skills and habits, and the ability to facilitate discussions about course content. Peer Tutors provide quality course-specific academic support and student-centered resources to answer undergraduate students’ individual questions and satisfy their learning needs. Our Peer Tutor Program has been certified of the International Tutor Training Program Certification (ITTPC) Level 1 by the College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA).

How to Apply

This is the job description of Peer Tutors in the ARC. The recruitment of Peer Tutors takes place at the end of every semester. If you are interested in applying for the position, please pay attention to the hiring announcement and info session from ARC.

Outstanding Peer Tutors

Outstanding Peer Tutor of AY 2022-2023
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Outstanding Peer Tutor of AY 2020-2021
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Outstanding Peer Tutor of AY 2021-2022
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