Tutoring service at the ARC is supplemental to course instruction and offered free of charge to DKU undergraduate students. Learning Consultants, our full-time learning professionals, work in collaboration with instructors and Peer Tutors to discern how to best facilitate student learning and development.

To satisfy students’ diversified needs, tutoring service is provided in various formats, including drop-in tutoring, 1-on-1 appointment, study group, and review session. In the upcoming academic year, tutoring service is offered both on campus and online. 

The ARC hosts a large tutoring area on the first floor of the library, which students can enter through suite 1302. When tutoring, coaching, and workshops are not scheduled, students have access to the space to work on academic related activities such as group projects, homework, and self-studying. To better serve our students we offer tutoring and learning support for some courses online via Zoom.

Please note that the tutoring formats of the courses above are subject to change due to tutor availability.

Click here to access the ARC Tutoring Schedule

Drop-In Tutoring

Drop-in tutoring is offered to DKU undergraduate students for a selected list of courses. Drop-in tutoring sessions are scheduled throughout the week, offering students the freedom to get support without making an appointment. Students are welcome to attend the drop-in tutoring sessions if they have questions about course content, concepts or homework questions. 

The courses that have drop-in tutoring and their tutoring schedule and location are announced to students in class at the start of each Session. 

1-on-1 Appointment

If a student prefers to get help in a private setting, 1-on-1 tutoring sessions can be arranged via a request form. 

Study Group

The ARC supports several entry-level courses in the study group format. A study group comprises 3 to 6 students. Group members meet every week and the sessions are led by a full-time Learning Consultant or Undergraduate Peer Tutors who have successfully completed the course previously. They guide the group members to review key terms and concepts as well as facilitate practice questions and group discussion. 

If you would like to join a study group, please submit an application by the 1st Wednesday of each Session. For maximal learning outcomes, we strongly encourage the participants to attend all the study group sessions. Those students with excessive absences may be asked or removed from the study group.

Review Session

In consultation with instructors, review sessions are offered to help students better understand the homework assignments and prepare for the exams. The formats of review sessions can be content review, sample questions review, or a combination of both. The sessions are usually held several days after the homework submissions or before the exams. These review sessions are led by full-time Learning Consultant or Peer Tutors who have successfully completed the course previously.

Please note that not all courses have review sessions. The information of each review session is usually released a few days beforehand via Canvas or other communication platforms.