The Academic Resource Center announces the Outstanding Peer Tutor Award annually, to recognize and celebrate the positive impact of exceptional tutoring provided for DKU students.

These highly competitive awards acknowledge and reward an undergraduate peer tutor who has gone above and beyond in assisting students to help them become familiar with academic support and resources, and guide fellow students towards a successful transition.

In choosing the recipients, multiple criteria are considered, including tutoring skills, professional practices, interpersonal/human relations skills, and students’ nominations.

Shihe Pan

My name is Shihe Pan and I am currently a junior student at DKU majoring in Material Science/Physics. Since I love physics and I am willing to help others to learn this subject well, I joined ARC and became a peer tutor at my sophomore year. In the past few sessions, I have been the peer tutor for PHYS 121: Integrated Science – Physics and PHYS 122: General Physics 2. 

Being a peer tutor is a hard and challenging job because you need to spend a lot of time and effort before and during the tutoring session. The biggest motivation that keeps me going is helping others. When you see that with your effort, tutee has successfully solved the problem and developed interest in this subject, you will feel that all your time and effort is worthwhile. Besides, being a tutor also let me practice my teaching skills and learn how to do better time management.

Xiao (Anne) Liu

I am Xiao (Anne) Liu, a junior student majoring in Media and Arts – Art History. My research interest lies in the interdisciplinary study between history, art history, and religious studies, but I am also into other fields of the humanities. My other interests include reading, photography, and travelling, and I am always eager to explore the unknown. 

I have been a peer tutor for GCHINA 101: China in the World and for Media and Arts Major. My tutoring experiences have offered me valuable insights into these courses and allowed me to reflect on my own learning. Viewing the course materials from an “instructor” perspective, I understand the structure and key takeaways of the course better. As a student, I can relate to tutees’ difficulties and confusions, thus figuring out the easiest way for them to understand. 

My tip of learning is to be well prepared: fully engage with the course materials, motivate yourself to learn more, always be ready to ask, and never fear to make mistakes.

Ruitian (Steve) Wu

Hi, everyone! I am Ruitian (Steve) Wu and I am currently a junior student majoring in Data Science. Meanwhile, I am quite interested in topics regarding Economy and Psychology. This is my second year of being a STATS 101 tutor and I am really engaged in this role.

STATS101 is a special course for me. It is one of the very first courses that I took after joining DKU. From this course, I learned how to think about things in a more quantitative and rational way, which spurs me to further explore the major of Data Science. 

Being a tutor is a wonderful experience. For me, tutoring is a mutual learning process where both me and tutees could enhance understanding of knowledge. During the process, I developed friendship, explored more about the course and deepened my ambition to step into the discipline of Statistics.