The Academic Resource Center announces the Outstanding Peer Tutor Award annually, to recognize and celebrate the positive impact of exceptional tutoring provided for DKU students.

These highly competitive awards acknowledge and reward an undergraduate peer tutor who has gone above and beyond in assisting students to help them become familiar with academic support and resources, and guide fellow students towards a successful transition.

In choosing the recipients, multiple criteria are considered, including tutoring skills, professional practices, interpersonal/human relations skills, and students’ nominations.

Shunyu Yan

Hi! I am Shunyu (Blake) Yan, a junior student majoring in Molecular Bioscience/Biophysics. The motivation for me to be a peer tutor is that I find myself enjoying learning with my peers and helping each other whenever we encounter difficulties. During the past two academic years, I have been the peer tutor for the following courses:

            CHEM 110 – Integrated Science – Chemistry

            PHYS 121 – Integrated Science – Physics

            PHYS 303 – Introduction to Biophysics


Seeing my tutees suddenly understand the puzzling concept is the biggest delight of my day. Being a tutor does not mean I am only helping others. I can always learn new strategies (problem-solving skills, good studying habits, etc.) from my tutees. Being a tutor does not necessarily mean that I am “teaching” others. Instead, I would interpret this job as leading tutees and myself to learn together.

Lunji Zhu

Hi guys! I am Lunji, a senior student majoring in Applied Mathematics and Computational Sciences (however not a senior mathematics student : ) ). I have been the tutor / TA for MATH 101/105/201/202/205. As a student who has a rather weak mathematical background at the beginning, I have learned how to explain some complicated concepts by intuitive notions. It is my pleasure to help students who have encountered difficulties in learning math : )

Yuan Shan

I’m currently a third year student majoring in Data Science. I have joined the ARC and been a peer tutor since my freshman year. Until now, I have been a tutor for STATS 102 and CS 201. I still don’t want to stop here, and I hope to try more challenging fields and disciplines in the future. I always believe that being a peer tutor is not only a process of helping others, but also a process of sharing idea and making progress together. It’s a great sense for me to work on difficult problems together with my friends.

I love my major, love travelling, love soccer and playing computer games (I’m a big fan of Pro Evolution Soccer (PES)). I hope that I can keep on improving myself, embrace more fields I’m interested in, and meet more like-minded friends.