The Academic Resource Center announces the Outstanding Peer Tutor Award annually, to recognize and celebrate the positive impact of exceptional tutoring provided for DKU students.

These highly competitive awards acknowledge and reward an undergraduate peer tutor who has gone above and beyond in assisting students to help them become familiar with academic support and resources, and guide fellow students towards a successful transition.

In choosing the recipients, multiple criteria are considered, including tutoring skills, professional practices, interpersonal/human relations skills, and students’ nominations.

Luan Qian

Luan Qian

Hello, everyone! I am Luan Qian, a junior student majoring in Molecular bioscience – Cell and molecular biology. I am quite interested in understanding the human body and how diseases develop. In my spare time, I enjoy exploring different cities and listening to music.

In AY 2022-2023, I have been a peer tutor for STATS 101. Being a peer tutor is a fulfilling and enriching experience. Witnessing the joy and satisfaction of tutees that comes with mastering a new concept or skill is a powerful motivator for me. From tutees’ questions and feedback, I deepen my understanding on the statistics and develop effective communication skills. STATS 101 is a required course for many majors. Collaborating with STATS 101 students from diverse cultures and disciplines has allowed me to gain new insights and perspectives. I am glad to have this wonderful experience as a peer tutor.

Yutong Sun

I am Yitong ‘Eric’ Su, a sophomore student majoring in Molecular Bioscience with the track of Biogeochemistry. I have great interests in Biogeochemistry and Global Change Biology. Besides my study, I enjoy English football and caving in my spare time. I joined ARC one year ago and I have been the peer tutor for two courses – STATS 101 and BIOL 208.


Being a peer tutor means much more than answering tutees’ questions. It is a good opportunity for me to review the materials from different perspectives and reflect on my understanding of the courses. I always remember that one tutee pointed out a mistake I made in my first-ever drop-in session. And that was when I felt the value of peer tutoring, which enhances students’ independence skills, promotes critical thinking, and pursues common progresses.

Jiaqi Wang

Hi everyone! My name is Jiaqi (Jack) Wang, and I am currently a sophomore student majoring in applied mathematics and computational sciences with track in mathematics. So far, I have been a peer tutor for the courses MATH 105: Calculus, MATH 201: Multivariable Calculus and MATH 202: Linear Algebra.


Ever since I entered DKU, I have been passionate about becoming a peer tutor. This is because first, I am more or less an altruist and am quite willing to help other people. Indeed, the peer tutor work at DKU provides me with such a good opportunity to achieve my interest and goals. Second, I am really interested in education, and the peer tutor work at DKU helps me enhance my skills in teaching students.

Renata Koviazina

Hi! My name is Renata, I am from Kazan, Russia. My interest is in medicine, and I am a pre-med student. Talking about hobbies, my favorite thing to do when I have free time is to read books, any kind, actually, as well as to travel and learn new languages. My goal is to speak at least 5 languages by the time I reach 30 (so I still have 11 years to do that)😉. Being a CHEM 110 tutor for 1.5 years gave me a great opportunity to solidify my chemistry knowledge and interact with other students, which was an important experience that helped me to learn more about chemistry and DKU community.